Hacks That Will Make Your Day Easier

August 8, 2022 by Earl Watts
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Sometimes it’s just one of those days where nothing is going right and it feels like the world is out to get you.

Of course, the world is not out to get you, and usually that feeling is just a deflection of feeling stupid about a decision we’ve made or messing even the smallest, easiest task up.

It’s okay to wallow a little, but we all know that if you simmer in misery for too long, you’re likely to feel even worse than you did before.

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Instead, it’s worth getting your day back on track with small, manageable life hacks that are guaranteed to make your day a little better.

Not sure where to start? You’re in luck, we’ve rounded up some easy tricks to try.

Go outside and take several deep breaths

No matter how your day is going, it won’t get any better if you’re stuck inside in the dark.
Take a short walk around the block or visit your local park for a while to give yourself some perspective and be surrounded by people, pets, and nature.

Taking several deep breaths and just ensuring you’re getting enough fresh air into your lungs will also make you feel better both physically and mentally.

When you put something down temporarily, say it out loud

Have you ever put something down and then completely forgotten where you’ve put it?
A quick and easy way of preventing this is by saying the item and location out loud when you’ve put it down, such as: ‘I’ve put my phone on the dresser’.
This will engage your brain more and create a better memory, making you less likely to forget where you put it.
It will also help to prevent those moments when you’ve left the house and can’t quite remember if you’ve unplugged your straighteners, blown out a candle, or left your keys in the door, because you told yourself you did it as you were doing it.

Dance to your favorite song

If you’re feeling a bit down, dancing to your favorite song will release endorphins and help boost your mood.

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Plus, listening and dancing to your favorite song, whatever it is, will likely distract you from whatever you’re dealing with and remind you of happier times with friends or loved ones.
It doesn’t matter what your favorite song is, just enjoy it and move around – it might seem like everything sucks sometimes but it won’t suck as much when a great song is playing.
Blast it loud through a speaker or use Air-Pods, and, as the old saying goes, dance like nobody’s watching.

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Flip a coin to make a decision to find out what you really want

If your day is stressful because you have some decisions to make, big or small, an easy way of choosing which path you want to go down is by flipping a coin.
And no, we don’t mean leaving it up to fate and sticking with whatever the universe tells you to do.
When you flip a coin and ascribe decision A to heads and decision B to tails, you’ll automatically start wishing for the outcome you really want deep down.

So, when the coin comes up heads for decision A, you’ll either be happy or sad with what the coin’s told you and then you’ll have your answer.
If you’re happy with heads, you’ll stick with that decision, and if you’re unhappy, you’ll go with decision B instead.
It’s a great way of figuring out what you really want.

Set some manageable goals to tick off your to-do list to make yourself feel productive

We can often feel like we’re not doing enough.
A great way to tackle this is to set some small, manageable goals that you can do quickly and easily and tick off your to-do list.

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This can be anything from starting the dishwasher and folding a tea towel to brushing your teeth and drinking a glass of water – do it, tick it off, and you will (hopefully) feel better that you’ve at least done something that day.

Pet a dog or cat

Unless you’re allergic or (for some reason) dislike animals, what could be a better way to turn around the day than by petting a cat or dog?
If you have a cat or dog yourself, just take some time to pet them, cuddle them, and spend time with them.

Also, make sure you feed them daily. Visit a nearby pet shop and fill your tote bags with cat or dogs treats.
Not only will it make you feel better and more loved, your pet will appreciate you giving them some attention.
Of course, not everyone has pets, especially in the current rental market, so why not combine two of the hacks on this list by visiting your local dog park and saying hi to the animals that you come across?

Do at least five minutes of yoga or exercise

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Going to the gym or running outside can seem quite daunting when you’re upset or having a busy day.
Plus, when it’s cold outside, we are much more likely to want to hibernate in our warm, cosy homes.
But, being inside all day isn’t always great for our mental or physical health.

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If you’re feeling a bit down or beating yourself up for not making it to the gym, then just do five minutes of yoga or exercise in your living room, followed by some deep breathing and meditation.
Five minutes of exercise is much better than zero minutes, and then you can try again tomorrow, or next week, or even in three months time – no one is judging you.

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A healthy mindset

When you get exposed to this pessimism virus for too long it has a negative effect on your life. It becomes easy to be stupidly skeptical and see everything as a scam rather than an opportunity that needs more investigation.
Optimism is rare because it requires hard work — and discipline. When you see the world better than it is, opportunities become abundant.
Work on your mindset daily through:

-Challenging assumptions
-Reading psychology books
-Getting an accountability partner to reveal the lies you tell yourself

Spend more time with family than with your boss

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Sadly, many of you spend more time at work with your boss than at home with your families. Makes me sad.

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We only get so much time with our families. Our grandparents will die suddenly. Our parents will die when we’re not ready.

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Daily writing

Writing in peace is a must, that’s why your bedroom’s custom iron doors should always be closed so you can avoid any type of distraction coming your way.

Writing is how you get your thoughts out of your head.
When your thoughts are written on a page they look different. As you write you flex your creativity muscle. The dots between different ideas start to join.
Life just makes more sense when you write.
The fact other people can benefit when you publish your work online is simply a bonus.

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Take a break

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Routine and discipline is the key to a healthy life. However, perhaps, the best hack of them all is to cut yourself some slack if you can’t do it on some rough days. Sometimes, it’s alright to take a trip outside the city and just unwind on a beach, or it’s okay to use your phone a little more than usual. Allow yourself to be lazy. Give yourself a break when you need it the most. You’ll come back reenergized, refreshed and raring to get things done.

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